October 4, 2021

Video: Beyond Just Television Commercials

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Things used to be easier in advertising. Video was only for commercials running on the local broadcast or cable stations. Bam, good, done. That all changed once high speeds internet became the norm. Now, from homepages to ecommerce sites to social media, video rules. And the numbers back up the fact you should be going that direction with your marketing. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to create good video. Heck, most smartphone capture decent footage without extra bells and whistles.

Your Website

Video banners have become more envogue over the last couple of years. Our own tdg homepage has a splash video of our work. Video engages viewer attention more than static photos. In the space of a few seconds video banners tell stories that connect with your audience. Plus, they stay longer on your page, which is great for your Google rankings.

The Numbers

  • People stay on websites with video 60% longer than with just text and photos
  • 90% of online consumers say that a business product or service video will help them make a decision to buy
  • Real estate listings that include video get 403% more inquiries than those without

Social Media

Social media is all about engaging with your audience and video is a great way of doing that. As people are scrolling through their social media feeds they will give your post only a glance, but video greatly increases the chance they will stop and really look at your post. The more a person engages with your post the greater the chance they will buy, inquire, contact, etc. It all adds up to show that you should be utilizing video on all of your social media platforms.

The Numbers

  • Findings show that video assets drive an 11% higher conversion rate than static.
  • Ads with video have been found to have 20 – 30% more conversions when utilizing video.
  • A test was run that found that video ads generated a 47% higher CTR.

In Conclusion

Including video in your repertoire of marketing tools is important. It’s also important that it is done well. If you can’t do it yourself you can always reach out to experts – like us here at tdg. Just using a video can help your marketing in many different ways, but great video is worth more. As more and more people realize the marketing benefits of video, the more you have to work to make yours stand out. You want to tell a story, you want the video to be crisp and clean, you want good audio that people can understand, you need it to be snappy so people will be engaged and not bored. Using video in your marketing in more ways than just commercials isn’t a fad, it’s here to stay and I for one am all for it.


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