August 3, 2021

Your Follower Interaction on Social Media Matters

Encourage Interaction on Social Media

In today’s business marketing landscape, social media plays an integral role. Social media can make it easy for people to decide if they are interested in your business and become followers. The more followers interact with your content, the more present you will be in their newsfeeds. They won’t miss out on your special offers or promotions. Here are four ideas you might try in your formula to getting your followers to like, share and comment:

Use Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is a unique, catchy hashtag having something to do with your business. A branded hashtag could be a clever tagline or even a product name. Having a branded hashtag encourages followers to use it in their posts, as well as leads others to your business. Branded hashtags aside, using hashtags in general could help your business show up in search feeds leading to potential followers. And, a lot of times, followers equal customers.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories (IG Stories) are full-screen photos and videos posts that disappear after 24 hours. Because of their immediacy, IG Stories are an engaging way for followers to interact with your posts. Those interactions might be taking polls on favorite new products or gathering feedback on what’s enjoyable on your page. Feedback can guide you to ways of keeping the followers you have and gaining new ones.

Be Cohesive

Whether it is your IG feed or your Facebook page, your visuals should look good together. Make sure color treatments from photo to photo compliment each other. Stick to just a few filters that you use on all your posts to give them your “signature” look. However, you don’t limit the look so much that it lacks variety. Also, avoid altering images too much, making products appear unrealistic or not true to what they actually look like. 

Keep It Relevant

When it comes to social media, posts should be relevant to both your business and your followers’ interests. Topics unrelated to your business may cause confusion for some followers, and even get negative feedback. Focusing on relatable topics makes posts easy for followers to understand and to get the information they are looking for. The more relevant the post, the more it will be liked, shared and commented on in a good way. To avoid posts getting boring, use a variety of relevant topics, especially emerging topics which will attract new followers.

These are just a few ideas to help you grow your social media presence by encouraging your followers to interact. More than ever social media is a great tool to stay on top of trends that make your business thrive.

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