July 11, 2017

A Day in the Life

  • Subline: Always something new going on in the halls of tdg

Walking through the building at tdg, you hear a lot of conversations going on about different projects we’re working on. Seems like everybody has something they find especially rewarding.

That was the inspiration for the series of “What Are You Working On” videos that we’re shooting in the office and sharing on social media. We posted the first video last week, and the response has been very good.

The variety of work we do here at tdg can be pretty amazing -- in both geography and media. Web work for a municipal client in Illinois, a print publication for a Sturgis Rally client, a video for a Black Hills attraction, marketing for a specialty manufacturer in Spearfish, web for an East Coast client.

But no matter where the client is located or the medium we employ to promote them, the underlying theme of all our work is to connect with customers, teach the public about our clients and keep the conversation going.

We plan to create more of these videos, when we get the time, and post them on social. Stay tuned -- and let us know if we can help you with your marketing.