August 2, 2016

Facebook Emojis VS. Logo Development

  • Subline: At tdg, we can relate to Facebook's creative process

Have you ever wondered how Facebook came up with their emoji “Like” options -- and do you ever think they are missing one? The process of how Facebook came up with the six nonverbal cues is actually quite interesting, and very similar to how tdg creates client logos.

The team at Facebook had quite the challenge when they were asked to redesign the Like button. According to Geoff Teehan, the design director at Facebook, they needed to fulfill two main criteria: universality and expressivity. This can be extremely difficult, since there are so many ways we express our emotions.

Much like the tdg logo process, Facebook first identified what needed to be done and the challenges they faced (no pun intended). They then created and tested many iterations. They determined in their initial designs the eyes were too pronounced and that they had one too many expressions. After a dozen rounds of proofs, the Facebook team landed on the perfect expressions.

While we may have our own opinions on the chosen expressions - see The Oatmeal graphic in the Image Gallery below - Facebook did a great job pinning down the perfect reactions.

If your business is in the market for a new brand or logo, let tdg drive the bus and go through a similar process as Facebook's.

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