December 9, 2016

Fame Where You Find It

  • Subline: ‘Bigfoot’ makes (not really) big impression on Deadwood

You have to love the SYFY Channel. It’s the home of low-budget, straight-to-video movies with bad special effects and plots that involve small towns and (usually) horrible creatures. They’re so campy, they’re fun.

SYFY’s “Bigfoot” movie caught my eye because the setting is Deadwood, South Dakota. (Like HBO’s “Deadwood,” it wasn’t shot anywhere near here.)

bigfoot vidI’ve watched bits and pieces on YouTube, and I was surprised that I recognized so many cast members. Danny Bonaduce (Partridge Family) is the star, but also Barry Williams (Brady Bunch) and Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) appear in the film. Howard Hessemen (WKRP) plays the mayor of Deadwood, even though he looks nothing like Chuck Turbiville.

Rocker Alice Cooper plays himself. The plot apparently involves an ‘80s Rock Revival Festival, but Alice is the only star to make the show.

I saw a lot of stock footage of Deadwood streets, as well as familiar scenes from Rapid City and Mount Rushmore, all rolled into a single fictional Deadwood.

In fact, Bigfoot — about 30 feet taller than the “real” Bigfoot of Northwest legend— at one point scales Mount Rushmore as helicopters buzz around ala King Kong.

Nearly 250,000 people watched "Bigfoot" last week. There's an old saying in public relations: There's no such thing as bad pubicity. This might be one of those cases.