April 10, 2017

Nexus Direct Turns to tdg

  • Subline: International marketing firm hires us to help with, well, marketing

When you are a successful company involved in marketing and fundraising for Fortune 100  companies and international nonprofits, sometimes your own marketing takes a back seat to your clients’ needs.

That was the case with Nexus Direct, a full-service, direct-response marketing agency. Nexus hired tdg marketing & public relations to build a new website. We launched the site recently, and it looks great — if we do say so ourselves.

Nexus Direct is based in Norfolk, Va., and has offices in Washington, D.C., and Dublin, Ireland.

It works with major clients such as Doctors Without Borders, Operation Blessing International, EMILY’s List, the Rescue Mission Alliance, Unicef Ireland, the Democratic Governors Association, and the National Park Foundation.

Services include direct response marketing, campaign planning and execution, integrated messaging and creative, and social and digital media — including websites.

The website out team at tdg created is a well-organized guide to the Nexus Direct’s many services, with case studies, fundraising ideas, and an outline of the services that the company provides. The site is colorful but not gaudy, complex but not complicated. It’s easy to navigate, and very searchable.

Give nexusdirect.com a look. We think you'll like what you see.