August 30, 2016

10 Things to Remember When Storming the Brains

  • Subline: No such thing as a bad idea ... ok, maybe there is

If you have ever worked with us at tdg, you’ve often heard us say “let’s do a quick brainstorm” - which are of course never quick, nor should they be.

There have been times where I’ve left a brainstorming session feeling inspired and ready to start the new project. I’ve also left wondering what exactly we landed on. Both of these feelings are part of the brainstorming process. We brainstorm ideas for almost all of our clients. Whether we are working on a commercial, an online ad or new messaging, we are strategizing about your company.

The storming of brains, as some of us call it at tdg, starts with all of us sitting in our lobby finding the truth of what the company or product is. From there we let ideas fly. Even though these sessions can leave us feeling more confused than when we started, we believe they are beneficial conversations to have. This is something we encourage our clients to do internally at their own businesses. The is a great way to get fresh, creative ideas from people that would normally not speak out.

To help get you and your company's creative blood flowing, here are 10 helpful hints on a successful brainstorming session:

  1. Every idea is welcome
  2. No negativity
  3. Take turns talking, and actually listen to each other
  4. Build on each other's ideas
  5. Come up with as many ideas as possible
  6. No computers or cell phones
  7. Resist going off on tangents (cough, cough Jack Hughes)
  8. Bring food
  9. Bring beer
  10. Have fun


Lots of foot-tapping and fidgeting during a brainstorming session at tdg, but that's how you get to the good stuff.