July 5, 2016

The Truth Behind Brand Manifestos

  • Subline: Declare your intentions, young man
The "Go Forth" manifesto for Levi's. The "Go Forth" manifesto for Levi's.

Brands are made to catch our attention, spike an interest or even inspire us. Companies and ad agencies are always trying to find that perfect phrase or word to capture the audience. So how can companies take that one step further and even captivate their employees? One way is to create a kick-ass brand manifesto.

Let’s be honest. Mission statements are a dying thing. They’re still important, but companies want something with a little more passion behind it. And frankly, mission statements are BORING. Most people don’t have the attention span to concentrate on them. However these companies and brands know they need to capture us. Now let’s talk brand manifestos.

When done right, brand manifestos will not only inspire customers, but employees and possibly future employees as well. Get out of your marketing head and start feeling what your brand means. Customers, and especially employees, don’t need classic marketing phrases like “amazing,” or “proven.” They need to feel something. Be authentic and be honest.

Let’s be honest. Mission statements are a dying thing.

If you desire to change the status quo of your product or business, creating a brand manifesto that truly speaks to your audience is a good start.