• ItemTitle: Energy


  • ItemTitle: Energy

  • ServicesSubline: using the power of marketing in the marketing of power
  • FullList:
    • market research
    • focus groups
    • media relations
    • social media
    • web development
  • At tdg, we have worked with rural electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and companies involved in alternative sources such as wind and solar.

    We love the challenges and appreciate the ironies of the electricity business:

    • Power companies are in the business of selling electricity, yet they do a lot to promote energy conservation. (Uncontrolled peak demand throws the whole cost-benefit ratio right out the window. tdg understands how that works)
    • Investor-owned utilities are monopolies, but they have little control over the markets they allegedly corner. (Regulators, usually elected, determine the rates.)
    • Rural electric cooperatives are owned by their customers, but the co-ops still face the same communication challenges of other utilities.

    With one recent project, tdg helped Black Hills Power (now called Black Hills Energy) sell the public on a much-needed rate increase. They asked us to step in because, in the words of BHP President Chuck Loomis, they needed the perspective of someone who is not “DUG” (dumb utility guys).  

    The tdg public relations staff conducted focus groups, reached out to the media, staged a press event. The web developers even built an online rate calculator to let people see for themselves what the new rate would cost them. (The rate calculator was so effective, they hired us to create calculators for a similar rate case in Wyoming.) 

    Another client, GenPro Energy Solutions, sells and installs alternative energy systems, battery backups, power storage systems and energy efficient LED lighting. (Did you know, by the way, that ranchers can use solar powered water pumps on their stock tanks, saving the cost of running power lines?)