• ItemTitle: Gaming & Casinos

Gaming & Casinos

  • ItemTitle: Gaming & Casinos

  • ServicesSubline: twenty years in the casino marketing biz has taught us a thing or seven
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  • What a difference a couple of decades make. Back in the 1990s, the gambling industry in the United States was still relatively young and small. Outside of Nevada and Atlantic City, casino gaming was only just beginning to take root, and generally in pretty tiny places: historic mountain towns and Indian Reservations. But things escalated quickly. According to the American Gaming Association, seven states jumped on the gaming bandwagon in the 1990s, and eight more legalized casino gambling since the turn of the century - and that’s over and above the 28 states with Native American casinos. What was once a distinctive draw is now relatively commonplace. Everyone has gambling. The party is crowded - and people are still walking through the door.

    The team at tdg has seen these changes first-hand. Some of our first clients back in 1994 were small and medium-size casinos here in South Dakota, which was the third place in the country to legalize gambling back in 1989. Not many advertising agencies can claim two decades of experience in casino marketing.

    Simply having casino games isn’t enough to draw people through the door anymore - especially when it comes to Millennials. Gaming properties need to develop a distinctive identity and focus on promoting the experiences that make their place unique.

    Easier said than done. That’s where the team at tdg comes in. If you’re in the gaming industry and want to talk about marketing with some ad pros who’ve been around the proverbial block, give us a call. You won’t find many ad agencies with more experience in the biz.

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