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  • ItemTitle: Healthcare

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  • Healthcare is one of those services that you need, require and demand. But you probably don’t enjoy.

    Take colonoscopies. … Please. It’s important to get one when you’re over age 50. And there’s a certain peace of mind when the results come back negative. Otherwise, most of us would rather tell the doctor to take his colonoscopy and shove it. In fact, there are few medical services that people don’t dread.

    In other words, healthcare marketing has its own challenges. And tdg loves challenges.

    Back in 2012, tdg built a website for a small hospital in eastern South Dakota. Even though the hospital was small, the website was big. Scores of pages, from doctor profiles to lists of services to patient success stories. And throughout, there was the subtle, below-the-radar message that we can provide many of the services the big hospitals do -- but with a personal touch. And a shared sense of community that big hospitals can’t offer. How do you mix those ideas into a single, coherent, entertaining and soothing message?

    In a word, babies. Specifically, the newborn baby gallery on the website was the most popular page. We made sure to spend extra time on its layout design and its functionality during the development process. For many people - mostly aunts, uncles, and grandparents of the newborns - a quick look through this gallery might be their only exposure to the hospital’s brand. We wanted to make sure they had a good experience. We also quietly introduced other content to page viewers via the baby page.

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