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Marketing partnerships with healthcare organizations is something we are passionate about, and pretty good at too. We understand the special considerations, the difference between pushing preventative care and raising awareness for future healthcare needs, how HIPAA can factor in and concerns about department bandwidth.
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Marketing partnerships with healthcare organizations are something we at tdg are passionate about, and pretty good at too. We understand the special considerations – the need for pushing preventative care, raising awareness for future care and treating life’s unexpected moments. We also understand how HIPAA and privacy concerns can factor in and how department bandwidth fluctuate and must be accounted for.

We also understand that marketing on behalf of healthcare organizations goes far beyond the bottom line. Helping patients is paramount, which is why many doctors and nurses choose this line of work. 

This understanding allows us to craft high-level strategic and branded campaigns, create action-oriented websites, execute broad-reaching public relations efforts, and specialize in highly targeted digital media placement.

Why Does That Matter?

It matters because it helps your business be efficient, reducing expenses, eliminating wasted time and wasted effort. It helps target the most likely conversions for your services to drive more revenue. It helps raise your awareness profile so when customers eventually have a need, your business is top-of-mind. 

It helps you focus on your business and open up valuable bandwidth to do what you do best – help make people better.

The experts at tdg are ready to help. Let’s define a solution that’s right for your healthcare organization, that’s action-oriented and that moves the needle. 

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What is tdg?

tdg is a marketing and public relations agency. We specialize in working with clients in the travel and hospitality, casino gaming, healthcare, energy, government and nonprofit sectors. 

At tdg, we do all the things a good full-service agency is supposed to do – thoughtful strategy, targeted digital media, killer creative, great video, superb print and cutting-edge web.

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