International Performance

International Performance

International Performance

  • Subline: Online Marketing Strategy Drives International Sales

  • Client: Quarq

  • Location: Spearfish, SD
  • Market: Domestic & Intenational

As a startup, Quarq focused on building a relatively modest little product: a power meter, a device designed to provide useful performance metrics to bicyclist athletes. And Quarq built them well - very well. So well that they soon found themselves acquired by SRAM, one of the largest high-end cycling component brands in the world.

The Challenge

When Quarq produced its first power meters, the market was still relatively young. But as Quarq found success, a rash of competing products rushed into the marketplace - some copying Quarq’s innovations. While the company continued to innovate and build on its reputation as a high-quality manufacturer, it found it more difficult to reach consumers with its message. Not only did it have to target a relatively narrow market - serious bicycle athletes - it also now had to deal with an increasingly crowded one.

The Solution

Quarq approached tdg to help it build brand awareness among consumers with a message that demonstrated their products’ strengths over competitors. We proposed a highly-targeted online advertising campaign using display ads. By limiting ads to selected vertical channels - channels that included sites designed for bicycling enthusiasts and triathletes - we were able to advertise directly to Quarq’s narrow target market. Because Quarq’s footprint was growing globally, we created an international campaign targeting nine countries and three languages.

quarq BTE english 300x250quarq FE french 300x250quarq WC german 300x250

Different examples of 300x250 online ads in English, French, and German.

The Result

We ran a two month campaign with flights alternating every other week. Campaign metrics were favorable right out of the gate, and the numbers continued to look good throughout the campaign.

English-speaking countries

  • .23% click-through rate (roughly double the CTR for a typical CPM campaign)

Non-English-speaking countries

  • .45% CTR in Germany
  • .61% CTR in France

7 million impressions and almost 25,000 clicks total.

Those clicks turned into direct sales on the Quarq website, but they also turned into customer referrals to retailers selling Quarq’s products. As a result, Quarq saw an uptick in sales across the board. Since the campaign ran, the company’s sales have roughly doubled.

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