It’s more than a logo - it’s the very heart of your organization.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of branding. Except for logos, that is. They’re the sexiest part of brand identity, and they tend to get all the glory. But logos are just the tip of the branding iceberg. A logo is the visual representation of a brand, but the substance of it – the essence of your organization, product, or service – lies beneath the surface.

The experts at tdg understand that the most important part of a brand identity is invisible. At the core of any brand are the values that set your organization apart. What do consumers feel when they interact with your product or service? What makes them choose you over your competitors? What kinds of expectations do they have? What keeps your customers coming back?

tdg’s creative team has helped clients across industries identify their brand, define it, and maintain it. After a discovery and research phase, tdg’s brand experts draft a brief that guides the development of creative elements. But the work doesn’t stop once identity elements are released into the wild: it’s important to maintain brand integrity over time, and to occasionally revisit a brand’s defining elements.  

Community Branding

Developing a brand identity for an entire community isn’t easy. Aside from all the variables that go into the brand itself, there are countless stakeholders to consider: residents, business owners, politicians, visitors, city employees, civic organizations… and they all have their own concerns. A top-down approach doesn’t work in these circumstances. It’s important to get buy-in from a critical mass of the community during the process, or the new brand will die before it’s ever off the ground. tdg’s team has been through community branding processes in several small and medium-size tourism-focused cities in the Rocky Mountain region, and they understand the extra layers of complexity that go into developing a community brand.

Logo Design

Sometimes an organization has all the pieces of a well-defined brand, but their identity has gotten stale. In these cases, a logo revamp might be the best thing to breathe some new life into their product or service. tdg’s creative team is especially experienced with ground-up logo designs and logo refreshes.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is more than simply creating a unified, professional marketing identity. A good brand defines the values that make a company unique – values that motivate employees, captivate customers, and boost revenue. tdg has helped companies across industries with their brand, but their creative team has particular experience branding professional services firms and companies in the hospitality and travel sector.


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