Print is dead, long live print!

Digital media may get all the attention, but print hasn’t lost its sex appeal. In fact, new printing technologies are giving advertisers access to ever more elaborate and creative print pieces. The result? Persistent, tangible communication pieces that actively engage consumers in sometimes surprising ways.  

The creative team at tdg understands the advantages of well-designed print pieces – and the necessity of having relationships with quality printers. Over the past two decades, the agency has collaborated with specialty printers across North America and Europe, putting a broad range of the latest print techniques within easy reach of clients.

Custom Publications

For the past 15 years, tdg has published dozens of custom magazines for its clients in the energy and travel & tourism industries. In most cases, the tdg team oversees the project at every step of the process, from scheduling and content generation to layout design and print production. For ad-supported publications, tdg can even handle the advertising sales process, creating an entirely turnkey magazine.

Specialty Collateral

Brochures, mailers, cards, and their ilk don’t tend to get a lot of attention. It’s easy to feel like they’re pretty meh – and often they are. But with the right creative approach, print pieces can be amazingly effective. The tdg team has created stunning print collateral for its clients in recent years, with innovative print techniques ranging from endless folding brochures to lenticulars. The results have been awards for tdg and more customers for our clients.

Multipage Brochures

Booklets, brochures, and annual reports are the workhorses of the corporate world. But unlike most print collateral, multipage print pieces require a different approach to keep their content compelling. tdg is particularly experienced with multipage documents, and their creative team has the unique set of skills – infographic creation, layout design, and content editing – these types of projects require.

Label & Package Design

Creating labels and packages for consumer products can be tricky business. Aside from managing all the technical variables, the packaging itself lies at the intersection of the product and a customer who’s ready to buy – one of the most important pieces of design real estate a company can have. tdg know how to make the most of it. The agency’s team has created packaging for products across industries, ranging from highly specialized niche products to mass-market goods.


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