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A different enterprise - but an enterprise nonetheless.

There’s a running debate in America over private enterprise vs. public service, especially during election years. Fact is, government and business are a lot alike. Both must make the most of limited resources and take care of their customers.

At tdg, we get that. We’ve helped government agencies in Illinois and South Dakota build websites that effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders.

Merely making information available online just doesn’t cut it. Not anymore. Logical organization, responsive design, two-way communication and up-to-date, search-engine-friendly content are just as important to government as to an online retailer or vacation resort.

One secret to tdg’s success in building municipal websites is that we understand that not all government clients are the same. Cookie cutters are great if you’re baking cookies. Not so great if you’re creating an online bridge the public and the agencies that serve them.


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