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It’s not enough to know where you’re going. You also need to know how to get there.

Everyone knows that marketing strategy is important. It’s a fundamental part of every business plan. But regular strategic reviews are difficult for many organizations. For smaller businesses, day-to-day operations often get in the way of big-picture strategic thinking. Larger businesses with in-house marketing teams are usually in a better position to schedule marketing plan reviews, but they can face a different challenge: their staff and senior executives are sometimes too close to the action to see the bigger picture. It can be difficult to recognize new trends and broad market shifts when you’re working in the trenches everyday.

That where a full-service agency like tdg comes in. With a third-party perspective, tdg’s creative team is untainted by preconceived ideas about markets, products, or internal politics. And since they’re constantly working with clients from diverse industries, they’re attuned to broader market forces. It’s their job to see the forest for the trees. And since their only agenda is to help clients, they’re free to tell it like it is

Focus Groups & Insight Surveys

Consumer insights is a fundamental building block of marketing strategy. What are people thinking? What messages resonate with them and motivate them to action? The only way to know is to ask – and then to test. tdg’s marketing team knows how to conduct third-party focus groups, intercept studies, and research surveys with key audience segments.

Message Strategy

Once armed with consumer insights, how do you translate them into messages that motivate consumers? tdg’s creative team uses a process that starts with the heart of a product or service – the very truest elements of a brand – weaves in customer research, and ends with impactful messages that drive sales and create meaningful consumer experiences.


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