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Keeping the focus on you.

Public Relations means different things to different people. Some think it’s schmoozing and selling. Others see it as holding press conferences or catching media flack. Most people see it as writing news releases.

In a good public relations campaign, there’s a little of all that. But breaking down its elements is like describing photography as pointing a camera and clicking a shutter. A professional knows how to find the right subject, keep the focus sharp and cast the image in the best possible light.

For two decades, the PR staff at tdg has kept the focus sharp and the image bright for clients in tourism, utilities, historic preservation and other high-profile industries.

We know that public relations is not a singular endeavor. It should work hand-in-hand with your other marketing efforts, both online and in traditional media. If you can get news coverage, followed quickly by an ad campaign and reinforced through effective social media, your overall marketing effort can be much more than the sum of its parts.

Traditional Media Relations

We’ve spent decades on both sides of the notebook. We’ve been journalists, looking for the good angles. We’ve  been advocates for clients — pitching good angles that readers and viewers will enjoy. To effectively deal with the media, you have to think like a journalist.

Social Media

Gone are the days when your only options were mass media outlets in print, television and radio. Now you can bypass the gatekeepers and take your message directly to the people through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other online platforms. However, the same principles apply. Your online content must be interesting, timely, believable and worthwhile. You also must keep new content flowing. That’s not always easy.

We have a unique partnership with our social media clients: We share administration duties so they can post when the muse strikes — or let us provide content when the muse goes quiet.

Earned Media

Increasingly, media outlets are amenable to stories and photos submitted by folks in the industries they cover. tdg has had success writing, shooting and publishing stories that tell the stories of our clients on the pages of several major publications in gaming, travel and other categories.


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