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tdg helped Indigenous in Music & Arts elevate its brand with a refreshed logo and website.

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Rebranding can revitalize and reinvent a business or organization. The rebranding process may include changing a company or product name, logo, or strategy. The reason for rebranding may be as simple as appealing to customers with an updated look. However, the reasons for launching a new brand could be more profound, such as reflecting changes in the company’s goals, values, or business scope. Rebranding may help an organization shake a bad reputation or an outdated image. Or, perhaps the company is entering new markets where a refreshed brand may help differentiate it from competitors. Whatever the reasons, the results are usually more than cosmetic.

Indigenous in Music and Arts, a nonprofit organization in Sarasota, FL, recently partnered with the experts at tdg to navigate the rebranding process, specifically focused on developing a new logo and website.

Establishing a Brand 

Indigenous in Music and Arts is a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating the indigenous cultural arts. It works to develop the education, economic opportunity, and social advancement of indigenous communities and individuals who share these values.

tdg worked with our client through various tasks, including creating brand messaging, designing logos, and building a website. tdg also developed a distinct but complementary logo and website for Indigenous in Music, a radio show with host Larry K. The weekly program features live interviews and new music from indigenous musicians around the Western Hemisphere. 

Using the Website to Promote Indigenous Artists

With the brand and communications strategy formalized, tdg moved on to designing and developing a custom-built WordPress website. We aimed to create an expandable, web-based promotional platform for all music and cultural entertainment that reflects indigenous identity worldwide. The website had to be visually engaging while showcasing indigenous talent. 

tdg achieved this in various ways, including:

  • Overall design and style of the site with large and bold imagery
  • A robust cross-referencing system to connect topics, reports, and ideas
  • Custom WordPress content display blocks that allowed us to dress up the content 
  • Integrated features like ADA compliance, responsive design, SEO best practices
Indigenous in Music and Arts website on mobile devices

The End Result

Launched in Spring 2023, the Indigenous in Music and Arts website immediately became a powerful promotional tool dedicated to celebrating the Indigenous cultural arts. A high-spec website, a culturally-inspired logo, and consistent brand usage standards elevated the Indigenous in Music and Arts brand to new heights. – with more than 1,600 new users and 11,000 events on the website.

By going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to understanding your vision and needs, tdg can execute a strategy that resonates with your prospective customers. The results are consistent conversions, strong business relationships, and long-term success.

Larry Knudsen
It was my pleasure to work with the TDG team, they built us our new website, combining the old into the new. They are very experienced at what they do. I am very pleased with our new website, very easy to navigate, it’s big, bold and beautiful.
Larry Knudsen
CEO & Producer
Indigenous in Music and Arts
Sarasota, FL
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